Who We Are

Brodie Cobb

Founder and CEO
(415) 449-2525

Brodie founded Presidio in late 1997 with the simple goal of bringing transparent advice to entrepreneurs and the lifecycle of their wealth building process.  To that end, he formed three different business groups […]

Diane Durbin

Executive Assistant
(415) 449-2532

Diane joined The Presidio Group in 2015 as Executive Assistant.

Prior to joining Presidio, Diane held multiple roles with Qvale Auto Group / British Motor Cars, purveyors of luxury and exotic brand vehicles with […]

Lawrence Pier

Vice President
(415) 449-2542

Lawrence joined The Presidio Group in 2015. Prior to Presidio, Lawrence was an investment banker at Stifel Nicolaus for two years where he served on dozens of transactions for over $1 billion in value. […]

Lucy Sinacola

(415) 449-2533

Lucy joined The Presidio Group auto investment banking team in 2016 as an analyst. Previously, Lucy held internships at Stifel Nicolaus in investment banking, Spinnaker Capital in private equity operations, and Hercules Technology Growth […]

Susan Stein

Vice President

Susan supports The Presidio Group by managing multiple priorities and utilizing her years of experience. She has extensive knowledge related to both facilities management and benefit programs. Prior to joining Presidio in 2007, Susan […]

Doug Stewart

(415) 449-2522

Doug joined Presidio in 2014. Before joining Presidio, Doug was the West Region Chief Financial Officer for all Group 1 Automotive California dealerships, where he managed the financial and administrative support organization for all […]

James Taylor

Managing Director
(415) 449-2520

James joined The Presidio Group as the primary relationship manager for our clients. During his more than 30-year career in the automotive industry, he has worked on both the retail and manufacturer sides, […]